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Feature Scripts (click on image to download)

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The Oracle Reader
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama (RECOMMEND by The Script Lab)

Logline:  A publicly denounced, world-famous psychic attempts suicide but is saved by a malevolent spirit who convinces her he can restore her soul and reputation to make her millions once again. (Coverage Recommend from The Script Lab)

Synopsis:  Fame, fortune, and dead people: a winning combination even in the living world.

Rachel Menendez loves the dead and demands so much more from the living.  Known as Mysteria to her loyal followers and beleaguered staff, she capitalizes on her high-tech spiritual shenanigans to draw millions, both people and money, to sold-out performances.

But not everyone is a true believer.  Renowned Blogger Cam Hartley knows too well that the dearly departed are just that; dead and buried.  Like his long-lost wife, he realizes nothing can bring them back… no matter what.  And those who prey on the naivety of a grieving heart, fuel his cruel ambition to expose the charlatans as the very evil essence they so claim to provide.

For the millions of believers who worship her, it is the power of their love that brings forth an unwanted soul from beyond; a soul who wants nothing more than life itself.


At the pinnacle of her success, an inexplicable loss of control during a performance shatters the mystical veneer that shields the truth behind Mysteria, and the believers quickly become the haters.  Her reputation and life now ruined, Rachel jet boats out across a lake to prove once and for all that dying doesn’t have to be forever.


Lying on the lake embankment, her clothes drenched, Rachel opens her eyes to a new reality: she’s dead but she doesn’t know it.  Rescued by a stranger who seems to know every intimate detail of her life, she is returned to her lakeside estate where life seems almost the same, but somehow different.  Rachel soon realizes that she is a spirit in the world of the dead but refuses to believe that there is no way to get back to the living.

With so many spirits dying to get in touch with their living loved ones, Rachel sets out to use her psychic connections to open a portal so she and so many others can finally “crossover” into the living.  Through a series of botched attempts to speak to the living she knows, she accidentally contacts her biggest non-believer, Cam Hartley.  With Cam’s help, in one heart-stopping instance, Rachel finds a way to break free from death and step back into life.

But her cunning rescuer from the lake accident has his own malevolent motivations for Rachel’s soul-sliding breakthrough, and the spiritual doorway she opens spews forth one of the world’s most nefarious serial killers.  Now a true believer, Cam helps Rachel track down the deadly killer and banish him forever.

With her newfound ability to travel between the living and the dead, Rachel achieves her lifetime goal: the most celebrated Psychic alive… or dead.

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GOLDEN SCREENWRITER - SCREENPLAY AWARD 2023 - 2048x2048 - Page Turner Awards Brand Badge B
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Messenger Dogs
Genre: Historical Drama (based on true events)
Dogs on REDList - Edited.png

Logline: A young, rebellious British orphan escapes to the army, finds the devotion he's longed for in a war dog he trains, and together they risk their lives to save over 50 Allied soldiers during the final months of World War One.

Synopsis: No one loved Henry Creswell.  That’s what England’s orphanages were built for... the unloved and the forgotten.  


At only 10, Henry is left at an orphanage, and it is here that he encounters an abandoned dog, takes her in, instinctually trains her, and in one of many brutal encounters with a bully orphan named Trevor, the dog saves Henry’s life.  But in doing so, Trevor kills the dog and forever bears the heavy scar across his face from where the dog attacked him in defense of Henry.  Trevor vows revenge. 


At 17, Henry, along with several other boys, escapes both orphan life and Trevor’s wrath to join the British army.  At the time, many of the boys who enlisted from the same local areas were formed as Pals battalions and were allocated to groups together so they could serve alongside their friends. But Henry’s inability to make friends continues to keep him ostracized, so he is sent as a “volunteer” to the War Dog training camp in northern France where the army hopes he can better blend in.

At the camp, all types of canines are trained to carry messages from the front lines of the battlefield and back again.  The dogs traverse extremely dangerous and embattled terrain that would make cowards of most men.  Arriving at the camp, Henry discovers that the same childhood bully from his orphanage days, Trevor, has also been assigned to his camp as a dog trainer.

Doing his best to fit in, Henry befriends a mistreated dog named Dodger, who has been unresponsive to all attempts to gain his trust.  The two instantly bond and Henry fiercely competes on the training course with Trevor.  While a sadistic Trevor uses force and anger to control his dog, Henry relies upon trust and love. 

Henry and Dodger defy all odds and become one of the most successful teams in the camp.  This recognition drives resentment and hate in Trevor and refuels his vow to seek revenge in any way he can, on both man and dog. 

During training, Henry’s best friend, Lawrence, introduces him to a French veterinarian named Claire.  Claire is an intelligent, outspoken, and hardened young girl, having already lost her first love to the ravages of war, she is apprehensive to open her heart once again.  But War doesn’t allow for the luxury of time, and together, yet for a brief moment, the young couple forget the bleak ravages of the death and dying that surround them, and they fall in love.

However, the advancing Germans force the Army to call up more men, so Henry must put his love on hold, and along with Dodger, they leave for the battleground along the Hindenburg Line. While there, the inseparable pair risk life and limb in daring night rescues of the fallen soldiers on the blood-soaked battlefield of No-Man’s Land.

They quickly become indispensable to Officers and infantry alike, and one soldier’s comment sums it up: “This dog, what he’s done - the blokes he’s saved.  When the wars over, who’s going to save him?”

In October of 1918, only months before the war will end, Henry is ordered forward to the Western Front trenches, where the already heroic tales of Henry and Dodger soon become a reality amongst the men of the Fourth Army.  Every soldier prays that when wounded, Henry and Dodger will be the ones sent to find them. 

But the commander of Henry’s new unit is none other than his nemesis, Trevor.

Trevor’s deep resentment toward Henry comes to a final head in the chaotic and unruly back trenches of the Western Front, and the stage is set for a bloody end to the conflict between these two young men, their dogs, and those they have come to love. 

In the final hours of the Great War, only one man and one dog will make it home.

Straight to Inheritance
Genre: Dark Dramedy with LBTQ themes

Logline: In a future where male birth control is mandated and becoming pregnant without a license is a criminal offense, a gay, playboy bachelor must illegally produce an heir to inherit his dying grandfather’s billion-dollar toy-making fortune.


Synopsis: Many years ago, the Global Oversight Democracy (G.O.D.) was created to maintain control of human births and achieve a zero-population growth factor in an overpopulated world.  The drinking water is treated with a genetically manufactured bacterium that temporarily sterilizes the male sperm: birth control from your kitchen tap.

The G.O.D. created three tiers of society: New Horizons City, the pristine domed metropolis where the Elites live, Salvation Village, the unprotected area outside the dome and home to the Blue-Collar workers who serve at the Elites' pleasure, and Inferius; a grimy refuge encampment within the underground tunnels of Salvation Village, where the homeless and orphaned squabble over society’s remains, with a low chance at survival.  

Kyle Kincaid is a member of the Elites.  Ever since his parent's “freezing-to-death” skiing accident, his billionaire grandfather, Arlo Kincaid, took him in and ensured the boy never went without.

The secret behind Arlo’s success with Kincaid Toys is the amazing life-like dolls called THE ALGERNONS.  When younger, he and his then-partner, Max Grimes, discovered an ocean coral whose composition gives inanimate dolls movement and the ability to speak; the rest is toy-making history.  Years later and driven by greed, Max attempts to steal the Pinocchio-making device, but in the process, is exposed to the coral substance within the machinery, leaving him a mentally tortured man with a phobia of dolls and blue-tinged skin.  Arlo has him locked away in an asylum where Max has forever sworn revenge.

Today: Now a raucous, irresponsible, always-in-the-news, Casanova, Kyle is shattering many a man’s heart, both straight and gay. 

Arlo is diagnosed with an inoperable disease, and with less than two months to live, he demands that Kyle produce evidence of an heir within thirty days to ensure his legacy will live past his gay grandson, or he forfeits his billion-dollar inheritance and will end up in Salvation Village, or worse, the bowels of Inferius.

Mori Dumont grew up with the Kincaid family and faithfully works in their household.  With a hidden love for Kyle, she hopes he will grow out of this “boy attraction” and realize she is the one for him. Kyle is ill-prepared in the child-making department, and the very thought of “coupling” with a woman is terrifying!  Without Arlo’s knowledge, Kyle asks Mori for her help in finding an illegal surrogate, fulfills Arlo’s fortune requirement, and allows Kyle to remain his good old gay self.  Unbeknownst to Kyle, Mori volunteers in the subterranean tunnels of Inferius, supplying stolen medicines to help save the sick children. 

When Max learns of the heir-producing plan, he manipulates one of the asylum orderlies, Stefan, by promising him access to the ever-popular Kyle.  Struggling with his own sexual identity, Stefan sees Kyle as a way out of the poverty of Inferius.  In return, he agrees to help Max escape and introduce Max’s granddaughter, Priscilla, as a possible surrogate.  If Priscilla can birth the heir to the Kincaid billions, Max will finally have control of the organization and get his revenge on Arlo.

With Stefan’s help, Priscilla works her way into Kyle’s playboy life, and against Mori’s objections, Kyle agrees to use Priscilla to carry his child. Kyle quickly bonds with Stefan and they fall in love.  But it all seems too easy, and a combination of jealousy and suspicion propels Mori on a secret fact-finding mission about Priscilla’s past.  In doing so, she not only uncovers “who” Priscilla is, but her relationship to the vengeful Max.  As Arlo grows closer to death each day, Kyle abandons caution and arrives at the in-vitro clinic ready to hand over his sperm to Priscilla. 

At the clinic, with Priscilla only moments away from being impregnated, Mori bursts in to reveal Priscilla’s true identity and her relationship to Max.  Kyle, Mori, and Priscilla battle for possession of the sperm, and in the melee, they destroy the other in-vitro sperm supply tanks.  While Priscilla evades capture with Kyle’s sperm sample intact, Kyle and Mori escape and are hunted by the G.O.D.  Overnight, they become wanted criminals.   

The next day’s headline reads, “G.O.D.’s Sperm Destroyed by Gay Man”.

Priscilla and Max discover that Kyle’s sperm container has cracked and the contents useless.  Kyle and Mori flee to Inferius where Kyle learns about Mori’s work with the children, and he questions his frivolous playboy lifestyle.  Torn between his love for Kyle and the guilt of aiding Max, Stefan comes clean about his role.  For the first time in his life, Kyle is the one whose heart is shattered.

The G.O.D. closes in on the wanted pair and turns Inferius upside down in their search, Arlo takes a turn for the worse.  With time running out, Kyle convinces Mori to be his unwed surrogate.  Arriving at the toy factory to give Arlo the good news, Max, and Priscilla ambush them and, at gunpoint, threaten to hand them over to the G.O.D. unless Priscilla is impregnated on the spot.  

At that moment, Stefan, the children of Inferius, and the living Dolls swarm in and save the day.  Trying to escape, the Dolls descend upon Max like ants, and he falls into the “imperfect toy” garbage chute where he is shredded like all the other imperfect dolls.   Priscilla is shut away in a remote island convent, never to see sperm again. 

With a new heir on the way, Kyle, Stefan, Mori, the kids of Inferius, and the Dolls announce the creation of the Arlo Foundation which will provide medical care and hospitalization for all the children of Inferius.

ReaperVille #3.png
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Page Awards Quarter Finalist 2.5.png
Genre: Supernatural Comedy written with David Marchetti
Logline: After 200 years on the job, when a depressed Grim Reaper mistakenly causes the hit-and-run accident of a Suicide Hotline Operator, they must locate a Mystic Guru to learn how to return his soul to the living before his wife pulls the plug.
Synopsis: Two worlds thrown together: the living and the not-so-dead.  Whether it was the loss of his job at the suicide hotline center, the surprise pregnancy of his Latina wife, or the hood of the ice cream truck in Central Park, Jake Hartley never knew what hit him.

And that sums up Jake’s past.  As a trained surgeon, Jake struggled with making those life and death decisions for his pediatric patients, until one fateful case of a dying boy pushed him over the edge.  In a downward spiral of remorse and questioning his own abilities, he fled his medical practice and landed at the local Suicide Hotline Call Center.  Insulated by technology, Jake assists desperate people and effectively talks them off the proverbial edge.

But like any sales position, you have goals to make, and Jake’s “souls saved” quota is rock-bottom in the company, so he’s given two weeks to find another job. 

Sherman Willoughby knows exactly what that feels like.  As a Suicide Reaper and part of the Grim Reaper Collective of Reaperville, Sherman is way behind on his weekly soul collections, and he’s also questioning his “not-so-dead” life choices.  A nagging, cheating wife and a militant boss don’t make it any easier, and Sherman needs someone to talk to, someone who understands his lot in purgatory.

Having already tried Grim Reaper’s Anonymous with pathetic results, Sherman breaks the second Rule of Reaping; never directly interact with the human world.  While on a call with Jake, a ruined businessman is about to jump off a building, Sherman appears beside him, startles the man who slips and falls over the edge.  On the way down to the ground, Sherman borrows the man’s phone and begins to lament his own sorry situation with Jake.

Out of a job, a baby on the way, no hope in sight, and unaware that Sherman is a Reaper, Jake agrees to meet in Central Park and see if he can help.  But fate steps in, and Jake is struck and thrown off his bicycle by a speeding ice cream truck.  In a coma with scant hope of surviving, his wife must make a life-or-death decision in the next few days.  Still breaking the rules, Sherman delights in a chance to do something fun again, illegally “collects” Jake’s not-dead-yet soul, and agrees to find a way to return it before his wife officially declares him DOA.

Meanwhile, Sherman’s boss, the hard-ass General Whitey at Soul Central Command Center, initiates his controversial global tracking program of every known Reaper to ensure perfect order… everyone follows the R.O.R. (Rules Of Reaping).  The General’s police force is comprised mostly of Clown Reapers, including his Captain, Cyril Kirk.

Being that Jake’s Soul is neither dead nor alive, his body emits a continual glow, in essence telling anyone he meets that he’s an illegal immigrant.  Now considered a Rogue Reaper, Sherman and his trusted friend and ex-CIA Reaper spook, Ollie, use makeup and 1970’s disco clothes to help disguise Jake as just another Suicide Reaper trying to stay alive.

Ollie tells them that the only person who knows how to restore Jake’s Soul to the living before it dies is a Mystic Reaper Guru named Maximillian located in a forbidden area called The Outlands.  After Ghoulggling him, Sherman sets out to find this Mystic while Ollie takes Jake on a crash-course of the ups and downs of collecting souls. 

First up, the ever-popular Dick Cheney.  With Cheney’s soul in tow, the two arrive at the main Soul Collection Dropoff, the Circus Carnival Midway operated by Ezrah and Hiram Goldman.  After checking in on their G-Phone app, sending Cheney on a rollercoaster ride to hell, Sherman’s soul count automatically updates on the app.  But Ezrah recognizes Jake, tips off the Clown Police and the chase is on!
Meanwhile, Sherman makes his way up the mountains to locate the cunning and reclusive Maximillian, but only encounters a cantankerous Llama and an ancient man intent on sending him away.  Having failed, Sherman returns to Ollie’s house where he finds Jake and Ollie hiding for their lives.  Within moments, the Clown Police burst in and the trio are carted off to Soul Central Command.

Jailed and hopeless, Jake is visited by Max who magically gives him a glimpse into the living world where the dying Jake lies in an ICU bed.  In a flash of electric blue light, Jake relives the moment from years ago that, despite all his medical training, he lost a child patient, whose grieving mother now tells him it’s time to forgive himself.

Back in his jail cell, Jake, Ollie, and Sherman are presented for judgment in court.  With General Whitey and the Clown Police present, Jake pleads his case, but to no avail.  Suddenly, the room goes dark, a blinding light throws open the courtroom doors, mist fills the room and a dark, hooded figure floats in, his bony hand clutches a golden scythe.  He reveals himself to be none other than the ancient man from the mountain, Maximillian Gideon, the Mystic Reaper.

Back in the Living World, Jake’s wife has made the final decision to take him off life support and pulls the plug.

In the Reaper Courtroom, as Max defends Jake and Sherman, he dispenses with the maniacal General with a flick of his golden scythe.  Jake’s glow begins to simultaneously fade in connection to his dying body in the Living World, and he collapses to the floor.  Golden scythe in hand, Max transports Jake back to the ICU hospital room and places his soul back into his body before he takes his last breath.

Now returned to the living, Jake is at peace with his past, opens a medical clinic for children, and is content in life with his wife and newborn son.  Sherman’s reputation and love of life are restored, as well as his lust for his wife of 200 years.  Finally, on a lone stretch of highway asphalt, General Whitey and his brigade of Clown Police are relegated to collecting the souls of fresh animal roadkill.
RHET (1).png
Page Awards Quarter Finalist 2.5.png
R.H.E.T. (Robotic Human Evolutionary Tender)
Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller
Logline:  Eighteen years after the apocalypse, a boy raised underground by a robot makes his first human contact: a young girl running for her life.
Synopsis:  “Survive?  We were sealed off.  After a few weeks, the microbes ran out of people to eat.”

Hunter is celebrating his 18th birthday with the only parent he knows: a robot named RHET.
He also just met his first human... a teenage girl running for her life.

Unknown to the teens, RHET secretly helps the Scientist responsible for the apocalypse kidnap Hunt in order to extract his DNA: a lie he claims will save humanity. 

Being schizophrenic doesn’t help.

The two teens escape and flee back to RHET who reveals that he has been manipulating them all along.

Uncharacteristically conflicted, RHET is left to make a most human decision: Kill his creator or the creation. 
Back On Planet Earth
Genre: Sci-Fi/Actioneer

Logline: Determined to rescue his spaceship-wrecked father, a rebellious teen from a future Earth fights for his life against two powerful men who, in exchange for his father’s life, demand the formula of his bacterial fuel technology, the knowledge of which will make them billions and save our planet from an impending climate-driven apocalypse.

Synopsis: The Earth is dying.  The planet has less than ten years until the effects of Climate Change are catastrophically irreversible.  Already, electrical grids are failing and rolling blackouts are commonplace across the country.  No one knows how to save the planet, and the rich and powerful could care less.


Earth: 2112 - Enrolled in the Space Force Academy, young Brick Wilshire (19) is a rebel who breaks the rules, openly flaunts his insane piloting skills, and in turn, his arrogance and vanity attract few, if any friends.


Brick’s father, the ever-popular Vice President Dade Wilshire, while on return from a galactic environmental peace summit, his spaceship is swallowed by a wormhole anomaly and transported back to…


Earth today.  In return for passing favorable legislation that allows fossil fuel drilling in protected areas of the planet, a Senatorial hypocrite, who proclaims to be an environmental advocate, is secretly accepting enormous bribes from the nation’s most powerful Oil Business Executive, Jack Ralston.  Ralston will do anything to enrich his fortune, including the eventual death of our own planet.


Dade’s spaceship crash-lands in the Gulf of Mexico near one of the many oil rig platforms owned by Ralston’s company, Global Gas & Oil.  Barely escaping death by drowning, Dade is captured and held captive by Ralston. The oil baron realizes the futuristic fuel from Dade’s ship will instantly increase humankind’s ability to power all transportation with zero harm to the planet, the control of which will make him the wealthiest, and most powerful man in the world.


Under intense interrogation, Dade refuses to reveal the technology behind the ship’s propulsion to either the Senator or Ralston and now imprisoned, his fate seems dire. 


Back on a “Future Earth”, the US Space Force command hesitates to react and save the Vice President, so Brick abandons all common sense, sets out to rescue his father, and recklessly plunges his own small ship through the same wormhole and travels to Earth of today.


Unbeknownst to Dade, Brick has survived his own wormhole journey, crashed on the Arctic Tundra, and is rescued by environmentalists.  Recognizing that this young man is no ordinary boy, the rescuers alert their benefactor, the Senator, of their extraterrestrial find, and he is brought to Washington, DC.


In Washington, Brick meets Marisol (22), a scrappy, Latina millennial blogger with a reputation for exposing the un-exposable, and the two begin a sparring romance.


Knowing he can use his father’s location to manipulate Brick into revealing the fuel propulsion formula and careful to not reveal his true scheme, the Senator offers his help to “find” Brick’s father.  In exchange, a naïve Brick agrees to replicate the bacterial fuel for the greater good of the planet.


Although skeptical at first, Marisol seductively coaxes the time-traveling truth from Brick, which only further inflames her attraction toward him.  Through her journalistic sleuthing, Marisol warns Brick about the Senator and Ralston, but his singular need to find his father compels him to ignore what he knows to be true.


The Senator travels with Brick to a secret underground lab in the New Mexico Desert where the Senator and Ralston have set up their own Alien Research Lab.  Upon arrival, Brick goes to work on replicating the bacterial fuel formula.  Within the lower levels of the lab, the discovery of his father’s crashed spaceship jolts Brick into the reality of his situation and he turns to Marisol for help.


Marisol reveals the truth behind Ralston and the Senator’s illicit plans and the two young lovers concoct a plan to rescue Dade, unmask the duplicitous Senator, destroy Ralston and his oil-sucking plans, save the planet, and in turn, their very own existence.


But their attempt fails, and Ralston’s true and nefarious plot strikes down the Senator and corners Brick, Dade, and Marisol out in the open desert only moments after they escape the underground lab.


Exposed and vulnerable on the desert sands, our heroic threesome is seconds away from being killed when following a time-space beacon from Brick’s ship, the Space Force Galactic fleet appears from the future to save them.  Yet… in the confusion of surrender, Ralston manages to flee in a jet-helicopter.  Brick takes off in one of the Galactic fleets small escort craft, and in a daring chase high above the New Mexico Desert, the aerial showdown between the two brings a fiery and climactic end to Ralston.


Reunited with his father and the planet saved from a Climactic end, Brick must make the heart-wrenching decision to return to a future Earth and leave Marisol behind.  However, he puts her in charge of ensuring the fuel technology will be shared with the entire world, thus guaranteeing his own future existence.  That information, the fuel formula, are all stored in a key-like device known as a PAS NAV, and Brick entrusts the device in her care.[SK1] 


A few years later, Marisol has managed to orchestrate the introduction of the bacterial fuel, and the world is filled with clean-running space vehicles known as PAS CARS; it’s the Jetsons come true.  But her love for Brick reminds her of one of the last things he told her, “The PAS NAV is the key to finding the way back home.”   A lightbulb moment, Marisol races to the site on the Arctic Tundra where Brick’s small spacecraft originally landed.


Upon arrival in the Arctic, the now snow and ice-encrusted spaceship instinctively responds to the PAS NAV that Marisol carries with her and reveals its hidden location.  Marisol jumps inside the two-seater cockpit, inserts the PAS NAV, and a computer voice announces their end destination: home. 


The ship lifts into the night sky and rockets up through the Aurora Borealis into deep space.

Shorts (click on the image to download 

Losing Rudolph - 8 pages
Genre: Animation, Dark Comedy or Live-Action

Logline:  When Rudolph gets drunk on Christmas Eve, Santa takes matters into his own hands.

On the Eighth Day.png
On the Eighth Day - 13 Pages
Genre: Dark Comedy

Logline: A depressed God makes an Armageddon deal with the Devil in order to set up the Second Coming.

Synopsis:  God is depressed.  Earth has not turned out the way he expected, and he is at a loss as to what to do.  He’s tried trotting out his only son to fix things, but that ended in a rather bad way; the poor kid is traumatized for life.  

He’s threatened Armageddon several times but just doesn’t have the heart to follow through.  So he decides to meet with his childhood friend he’s known from the very beginning, Satan.  God and Satan were once best buds, but then Satan got pissed that God was getting all the credit, and things went to hell.  

But they still talk, still, help one another… they just don’t tell anyone.  So God picks up his iPhone and calls Nell (his nickname for Satan) for a long overdue family meeting.  

In God's garden patio, the angels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Asrael, and Raphael all join God as summoned.  Once Satan arrives, the true motivations of each angel manifest, including Asrael's desire to end all of them once and for all.

In private, God and Nell don't mince words or powers, and in the end, an agreement is reached.  But "who" will carry out this apocalyptic demise?  Well, that's what Second Comings are all about.

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