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Back On Planet Earth
Genre: Sci-Fi/Actioneer

Logline: While trying to rescue his shipwrecked father, a rebellious teen from a future Earth finds himself caught in a present-day struggle between a power-hungry Oil Company executive and a corrupt Senator as they battle to steal his bacterial fuel technology that would save the planet from an impending climate-driven apocalypse.

Synopsis: The Earth is dying.  Our reliance on fossil fuels has reached a point of no return.  Oceans have risen over half a foot.  Polar bears are extinct.  Small island nations have

vanished under the sea.  The planet has less than ten years until the effects of Global Warming are catastrophically irreversible.  No one knows how to save the planet... until now.


Earth: 2112.  While returning from a galactic environmental peace summit, Vice-President Harvey Wilshire’s spaceship is swallowed by a wormhole and transported back to present-day Earth.  In a desperate attempt to save him, Harvey’s rule-breaking, teenage son, Devon, recklessly plunges his own ship through the same wormhole.


Earth: Today.  In return for passing favorable legislation that allows drilling in protected areas, a Senatorial hypocrite, who proclaims himself to be an environmental advocate, is secretly accepting enormous bribes from the nation’s most powerful Oil Company Executive, Jack Ralston.


The shipwrecked Harvey and Devon are both captured and held by Ralston, and in exchange for the return of their ship, Devon must give up the secret manufacturing process to the bacterial fuel.  If not, his father dies.  Ralston knows that the fuel will revolutionize our ability to travel great distances with no harm to the planet, and this will make him one of the wealthiest men in the world.  He has no intention of sharing that power with anyone, including the Senator.


With the help of Clare, a scrappy, millennial blogger with a reputation for exposing the un-exposable, Devon and Clare set out to rescue his father, unmask the Senator, destroy Ralston, save the planet and in turn, their very own existence.


One ship, one-way home; one choice between the love of a son, and the future of a planet in


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Messenger Dogs
Genre: Historical Drama (based on true events)

Logline: A young British orphan enlists in the army, finds the devotion he's longed for in a war dog he trains, and together they risk their lives to save over 50 Allied soldiers during the final months of WWI.

Synopsis: No one loved Henry Creswell.  That’s what England’s orphanages were built for... the unloved and the forgotten.  


At only 10, Henry is left at an orphanage, and it is here that he encounters an abandoned dog, takes her in, instinctually trains her, and in one of many brutal encounters with a bully orphan named Trevor, the dog saves Henry’s life.  But in doing so, Trevor kills the dog and forever bears the heavy scar across his face from where the dog attacked him in defense of Henry.  Trevor vows revenge. 


At 17, Henry, along with several other boys, escapes both orphan life and Trevor’s wrath to join the British army.  At the time, many of the boys who enlisted from the same local areas were formed as Pals battalions and were allocated to groups together so they could serve alongside their friends. But Henry’s inability to make friends continues to keep him ostracized, so he is sent as a “volunteer” to the War Dog training camp in northern France where the army hopes he can better blend in.

At the camp, all types of canines are trained to carry messages from the front lines of the battlefield and back again.  The dogs traverse extremely dangerous and embattled terrain that would make cowards of most men.  Arriving at the camp, Henry discovers that the same childhood bully from his orphanage days, Trevor, has also been assigned to his camp as a dog trainer.

Doing his best to fit in, Henry befriends a mistreated dog named Dodger, who has been unresponsive to all attempts to gain his trust.  The two instantly bond and Henry fiercely competes on the training course with Trevor.  While a sadistic Trevor uses force and anger to control his dog, Henry relies upon trust and love. 

Henry and Dodger defy all odds and become one of the most successful teams in the camp.  This recognition drives resentment and hate in Trevor and refuels his vow to seek revenge in any way he can, on both man and dog. 

During training, Henry’s best friend, Lawrence, introduces him to a French veterinarian named Claire.  Claire is an intelligent, outspoken, and hardened young girl, having already lost her first love to the ravages of war, she is apprehensive to open her heart once again.  But War doesn’t allow for the luxury of time, and together, yet for a brief moment, the young couple forget the bleak ravages of the death and dying that surround them, and they fall in love.

However, the advancing Germans force the Army to call up more men, so Henry must put his love on hold, and along with Dodger, they leave for the battleground along the Hindenburg Line. While there, the inseparable pair risk life and limb in daring night rescues of the fallen soldiers on the blood-soaked battlefield of No-Man’s Land.

They quickly become indispensable to Officers and infantry alike, and one soldier’s comment sums it up: “This dog, what he’s done - the blokes he’s saved.  When the wars over, who’s going to save him?”

In October of 1918, only months before the war will end, Henry is ordered forward to the Western Front trenches, where the already heroic tales of Henry and Dodger soon become a reality amongst the men of the Fourth Army.  Every soldier prays that when wounded, Henry and Dodger will be the ones sent to find them. 

But the commander of Henry’s new unit is none other than his nemesis, Trevor.

Trevor’s deep resentment toward Henry comes to a final head in the chaotic and unruly back trenches of the Western Front, and the stage is set for a bloody end to the conflict between these two young men, their dogs, and those they have come to love. 

In the final hours of the Great War, only one man and one dog will make it home.

Genre: Supernatural Comedy written with David Marchetti

Logline: After 200 years on the job, when a depressed Grim Reaper mistakenly causes the hit-and-run accident of a Suicide Hotline Operator, they must locate a Mystic Guru to learn how to return his soul to the living before his wife pulls the plug.

Synopsis: Two worlds thrown together: the living and the not so dead.

Whether it was the loss of his job at the suicide hotline center, the surprise pregnancy of his wife, or the hood of the ice cream truck in Central Park, Jake Hartley never knew what hit him. 

But the Grim Reaper did… and Sherman Willoughby just needed someone to talk to.


Deep in a coma, Jake’s soul lies in limbo; that place between life and death where souls wait to be judged.  Realizing his mistake, Sherman must break all the Rules of Reaping in an effort to return Jake to the living before his wife pulls the plug.

With the authorities hot on their trail, Jake and Sherman agree to help one another.  While Sherman sets out to find a legendary Mystic who holds the secret to reinstating Jake’s soul to the living, Jake gets a crash course in collecting and cataloging souls as a substitute Reaper.

When neither is successful, they are arrested, jailed, and called before a tribunal to answer the charges of impersonating a reaper and practicing without a scythe. 

In the living world, Jake’s wife gives her consent to let Jake die, and doctors pull the plug.  Alive or dead, Jake’s life will go on… with or without him.

R.H.E.T. (Robotic Human Evolutionary Tender)
Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller

Logline:  Eighteen years after the apocalypse, a boy raised underground by a robot makes his first human contact: a young girl running for her life.

“Survive?  We were sealed off.  After a few weeks, the microbes ran out of people to eat.”

Hunter is celebrating his 18th birthday with the only parent he knows: a robot named RHET.

He also just met his first human... a teenage girl running for her life.

Unknown to the teens, RHET secretly helps the Scientist responsible for the apocalypse kidnap Hunt in order to extract his DNA: a lie he claims will save humanity. 

Being schizophrenic doesn’t help.

The two teens escape and flee back to RHET who reveals that he has been manipulating them all along.

Uncharacteristically conflicted, RHET is left to make a most human decision: Kill his creator or the creation. 

Club Hereafter
Genre: Contained Thriller written with Ellen Zepp

Logline:  Fearing their darkest secret will be revealed, six random people are blackmailed into a deadly game of cards where failure to play means instant death.

Synopsis: Six random people… six playing cards… one twisted family bent on moral revenge.

When Parker Crane is blackmailed into attending a late-night meeting with five other strangers, a hidden voice informs all six that they have been chosen to kill… one another.  Unless they play the game, they forfeit their own lives on the spot.

“Tonight, whoever holds the Ace of Clubs will kill, and whoever holds the Ace of Spades will die.”

Cards are revealed; the only woman draws the Ace of Spades and is locked in a cell.  She is found dead the next day, the remaining five players unsure which of them is the killer.

A second-midnight meeting, another victim draws the Ace of Spades and is later blown up inside his own car. 

With his life in danger and only hours left before the next meeting, Parker teams up with one of three remaining players in an attempt to track down the blackmailer and kill him.

But he blackmailer is someone Parker knows, someone very close to him, and the revelation may cost him his own life.

Shorts (click on image to download 

Losing Rudolph - 8 pages
Genre: Animation, Dark Comedy or Live-Action

Logline:  When Rudolph gets drunk on Christmas Eve, Santa takes matters into his own hands.

A Mother's Reputation - 4 Pages
Genre: Contained Drama

Logline: Twenty-four hours before her execution, a young girl is visited by a woman who claims to be the mother who abandoned her at birth, and mommy wants to ensure her now privileged reputation stays intact.

Love is a Blast! - 8 Pages
Genre: Action/Drama (LBGTQ Theme)

Logline: When a bomb squad expert is confronted with a hidden affair, his partner forces him to make a choice with explosive consequences.

The Elevator - 10 Pages
Genre: Dramadey (LBGTQ theme)

Logline: When a man is trapped in an office elevator with a gay co-worker, discomfort erupts into anger, confusion, and unanswered questions that reveal the two men have more in common than they think.

Long Voyage Home - 6 Pages
Genre: Drama

Logline:  After seventy-nine years, a aging man reunites with his first love, delivering his final goodbye to her young grandson.

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