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Writing features and streaming series, Clark is a produced and optioned screenwriter with a focus on Supernatural, Dark Comedy, and Sci-Fi, but has also written Historical Dramas based upon true events.  Clark has also successfully collaborated with Producers and other screenwriters on several features and shorts. 

Most of his projects are grounded in themes of "the haves and the have-nots", classicism, and coming of age characters.

Writing samples are available upon request.

Contracted Writing Assignments


- Hired as a writing team along with Stephen Knight to write a Feature, Contained, Sci-Fi/Thriller concept with Manuel H Da Silva and Gordon Lipton at In Plain Sight Films

Representative Achievements include:

  • "The Oracle Reader", 2022 Page Turner Awards Finalist, 2022 LA Screenplay Quarterfinalist, The Script Lab RECOMMEND, 2022

  • "Straight to Inheritance", 2022 Page Turner Awards Finalist, The Script Lab CONSIDER on Coverage, 2022

  • “Messenger Dogs”, Historical Drama based upon True Events: 2021 WINNER, 2nd Place, SWN Goldman Award; 2021 Quarterfinalist in PAGE Awards; TOP 16% on COVERFLY, 2021 Semi-Finalist, Creative World Awards Contest, 2021 Quarterfinalist in Screencraft True Story Contest, 2021 Pitch Finalist in Screenwriting Staffing Competition; 2010 Semi-Finalist - "Story Pros Contest" and "Creative Screenwriting AAA Contest."

  • “Losing Rudolph”, Animated/Comedy Short: 2021 Top 25, "Table Read my Screenplay", #6 on 2021 CoverFly Animated Short RED List

  • “The Imposters”, Comedy Short: Produced by Christopher Cinnamon, Category Winner - "Table Read My Screenplay."

  • “The Interview”, Comedy Short: Produced by John Siscel

  • “The Elevator”, LGBTQ Dramedy Short: Finalist - "Super Shorts International"

  • “ReaperVille”, Fantasy/Comedy: Collaboration with Producer David Marchetti, Top 20% on COVERFLY, 2020 Page Awards Quarterfinalist

  • “R.H.E.T.”, Contained, Dark, Sci-Fi/Coming of Age: 2010 Semi-Finalist - "Exposurama" & "Movie Script" Contests

Other Feature Projects:
"Back on Planet Earth", Sci-Fi/Adventure, Coming of Age Feature
"Club Hereafter", Contained Thriller Feature, Collaboration with Ellen Zepp

"Second First Contact", Contained, Sci-Fi/Thriller Feature, Collaboration with Stephen Knight, Female Lead, LBTQ Lead

"A Mother's Reputation", Adult Drama
"Love is a Blast", Gay Drama
"Twenty to Win", Family, Fantasy Drama
"Long Voyage Home", Family Drama

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