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Writing features and streaming series, Clark is a produced and optioned screenwriter with a focus on Supernatural, Dark Comedies and Sci-Fi, but has also had success with Historical projects based upon true events. 


Clark has also successfully collaborated with Producers, Directors, and fellow screenwriters on feature and short projects.  Most of his stories are grounded in themes of "the haves and the have-nots", classicism, and coming of age characters.

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"As a producer at Orange Universe Films and Parallel 33 Pictures, I have had the great pleasure of working and knowing Clark Ransom for many years. He has been an outstanding writer and a strong collaborator with our companies. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Clark for any professional writing assignment in the film and television industry.  Clark has also demonstrated great drive to deliver at every stage of the process. He has never missed a deadline! His advice, knowledge and encouraging attitude are assets that are unparalleled."

- David Marchetti, Producer, Orange Universe Films

"Clark, your pages are beautifully written!"

- Manny Da Silva, Producer,

In Plain Sight Films

"It's got a great core story and it's told in a beautifully touching way.  Clark understands manipulating emotion to an advanced level.  Overall, I would watch this script and recommend it"

- Contestant Judge,

SWN Goldman Award Contest

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